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Apple AirPods Max - Silver

Apple AirPods Max - Silver

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AirPods Max are designed from the ear cushions to the arch mesh in such a way that they create optimal acoustic isolation for many different head shapes. Thanks to the uncompromising fit, you can immerse yourself in an incredible sound experience.

The arched mesh tensioned on the top handle is a breathable braid that distributes the weight so that the pressure on the head is reduced. The stainless steel frame is coated with a pleasantly soft material. The result is an incredible combination of durability, flexibility and comfort.

The telescopic arm is infinitely adjustable and precisely positioned so that the fit and insulation are maintained.

The elegantly anodized aluminum cups feature a revolutionary mechanism that allows each cup to rotate independently and distribute pressure evenly.

The headphone cushions are covered with a specially made textile mesh, so they feel pillow-like soft. The cushions are made of acoustic memory foam, which creates a soft but tight insulation, which is a prerequisite for top-level sound reproduction.

AirPods Max combine top-class sound with industry-leading active background noise cancellation. The result is an unparalleled wireless listening experience. Each part of their custom-made driver works to produce distortion-free sound at all audible frequencies. There is new clarity in every note, from deep and plump basses to precise mids and clear and clean highs.

To cancel out unwanted external sounds, AirPods Max use six outward-facing microphones to detect the noise around you and two inward-facing microphones to measure what you're hearing. In addition, directional microphones help isolate your voice during phone conversations, so it can be heard clearly even in windy conditions.

The dynamic driver designed by Apple produces a wide frequency range that accurately brings out the details of each sound. Even familiar songs are reproduced with unprecedented detail and precision.

AirPods Maxie's driver is similar to that of high-end floor speakers, and its motor with two neodymium magnet rings minimizes total harmonic distortion at all audible frequencies. The result is uniformly clear reproduction even at full volume.

Each cup of AirPods Maxie features a powerful H1 chip designed by Apple, a custom acoustic structure and advanced software that allows them to use computational audio to create a revolutionary listening experience. Computational sound helps block out external noise by utilizing each chip's ten sound cores. It adapts the sound to the fit and isolation of the ear cushions and makes movie scenes sound like you're at the center of the action.

The industry-leading active background noise cancellation cancels external sounds with an equal amount of counter-noise so that you can fully immerse yourself in listening. By pressing the Noise control button, you can enter hear-through mode. It lets outside sounds through, so you can interact naturally with your surroundings.

Adaptive equalization adapts the sound to the individual fit and isolation of the ear pads. The inward-facing microphones measure the sounds you hear and then adjust the music's frequencies to deliver a full-bodied and coherent experience where every note is accurately reproduced.

Surround sound with dynamic head tracking provides a theater-like, surround sound experience when watching movies and TV series. With the help of internal gyroscopes and acceleration sensors, AirPods Max headphones and iPhone or iPad follow even the smallest movements of your head, anchoring the sounds to your device.
AirPods Max have all the wireless ease of the AirPods product family. They make listening a completely seamless experience – from setup to Siri commands, day in and day out.

AirPods Max instantly connect to your iPhone or iPad. To pair, just place the AirPods Max near your device and tap Connect on the screen.

You switch seamlessly between iPhone, iPad and Mac when you want. If you're playing music on your Mac and answering a call on your iPhone, AirPods Max will automatically switch between devices.

You can easily split the audio stream between two AirPods from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV. Bring any AirPods close to the device you're listening to and tap to connect.

AirPods Max pause audio when you take them off your head and resume playback when you put them back on. Not even a beat is missed.

When AirPods Max are stored in their soft, snug Smart Case, they enter an ultra-low power mode that conserves charging.

AirPods Max offer 20 hours of listening time, watching movies and talk time with active background noise cancellation and surround sound enabled. They are conveniently charged via the Lightning connector. With a quick 5-minute charge, you get 1.5 hours of listening time.
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