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Cosori Premium 5.5 L Airfryer

Cosori Premium 5.5 L Airfryer

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The Cosori Premium Airfryer is a stylish and high-quality air fryer that makes everyday meals healthier and faster. The large 5.5 liter capacity offers space for your favorite foods and you can feed up to 5 people with it. This very easy-to-use air fryer has 11 cooking programs for chicken, steak or vegetables, for example. The device's two-part frying basket has a large surface area and is very easy to keep clean. You can wash it by hand or in the dishwasher.

Cosori Premium is an award-winning air fryer in the Nordic countries. It has won, among other things, the test winner award, the Red Dot Design Award and the Kitchen Product of the Year award.

With the Cosori Premium air fryer, you can enjoy crispy fries and juicy chicken without added oil. The circulating hot air and precise temperature guarantee perfect cooking every time. The digital LED display has 11 ready-made cooking programs that you can easily select at the touch of a button. You can also adjust the temperature manually from 75-205 °C and the cooking time from 1-60 minutes to always achieve the perfect result.

The preset cooking programs are chicken, meat, shrimp, bacon, frozen foods, vegetables, root vegetables, fries, bread and dessert. The Airfryer also has a 5-minute preheating function, which can be used according to the recipe.

The Airfryer offers a way to enjoy your favorite foods healthier and faster. The air fryer prepares food with up to 85% less oil, without compromising on taste or texture. So it's a great kitchen appliance to support a healthy lifestyle. And you know what's best? The Airfryer preserves the natural taste, texture and nutrients of food with the help of circulating air flow. So give the Cosori Premium air fryer a chance to change the way you cook and make healthy choices easier than ever before!

With the help of the Airfryer, you can prepare versatile meals that will please family members of all ages - from crispy fries and chicken legs to delicious vegetable dishes and even desserts. The Cosori Airfryer is safe and easy to use, which makes it suitable for even the youngest cooks in the family. Because the device works without fire and hot oil, cooking is much safer. In addition, its timer and automatic shut-off function ensure that the food does not burn and the device is not accidentally left on.

In addition, the speed and efficiency of the air fryer bring practicality to busy weekdays. Meals are prepared quickly, which helps families enjoy meals together, even when time is limited. The Airfryer also makes cleaning the kitchen easier, as its parts are dishwasher safe and the device itself does not create much mess when cooking. All in all, the air fryer is a great choice for families who value healthy, safe and fast cooking.

The Cosori Premium air fryer comes with a comprehensive 100-recipe cookbook that makes cooking even more inspiring. This cookbook is designed to enrich your everyday cooking and offer new ideas for both everyday life and celebrations.

The cookbook contains a diverse selection of recipes, from which you can find options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and delicious snacks. You can try everything from healthy vegetable portions and tasty meat dishes to desserts that melt in your mouth.

The Airfryer not only makes cooking healthier, but it also saves electricity! In the Cosori Premium Airfryer air fryer, food is prepared quickly and efficiently with the help of circulating air flow. It uses only a fraction of the energy compared to traditional ovens or stoves, which require more time and heat to cook food. This means a smaller electricity bill and more environmentally friendly cooking! The Cosori Premium air fryer helps you save electricity while enjoying healthy and delicious meals.

In the Cosori Premium air fryer, the heat distribution system ensures an even flow of heat throughout the frying basket. This innovative technology guarantees perfect cooking of food and shortens waiting time while reducing energy consumption. Sensors continuously monitor the temperature, humidity and other important factors of the frying basket, adjusting the heating, cooling and air circulation systems in real time. The intelligent design and user-friendly touch screen make cooking easy and fast. Automatic shutdown and overheating protection guarantee carefree food preparation.

Cleaning the Cosori Premium Airfryer air fryer is as quick and easy as using it! The Cosori Premium Airfryer is designed with user-friendliness in mind, so cleaning it only takes a few minutes. The device's removable parts, such as the frying basket and frying rack, are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning them effortless.

You can simply detach the parts and put them in the dishwasher, this saves valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on enjoying delicious and healthy meals with your family and friends. The Cosori Premium air fryer not only makes cooking quick and easy, but its cleaning is also designed to be as convenient as possible. The non-stick coating easily removes baking and grease marks even when washing by hand.

The compact design of the Cosori Premium air fryer maximizes space utilization while offering sufficient capacity for versatile cooking. The touch screen adds a modern look and makes using the device easy and comfortable. The Cosori Premium air fryer has also been awarded the Red Dot Design design award winner. Its streamlined and stylish design fits perfectly into a Nordic kitchen.

  • Large frying basket 2.2 kg / 5.5 L

  • 11 preset programs

  • Easy-to-use control panel

  • Food for up to 5 people

  • Easy to keep clean

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