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E-Way E-6045FRS Electric Scooter

E-Way E-6045FRS Electric Scooter

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Do you need a transport game that will transport you to work, hobbies, shopping quickly and easily? The E-Way E-6045FRS electric scooter offers really fast acceleration and power even on steeper uphills! The handy electric scooter is ideal for both short and medium distances, with a maximum range of up to 45 km* in optimal conditions. Efficient front and rear suspension makes driving more pleasant. The kickboard is equipped with a robust carbon brushless motor with an instantaneous peak power of up to 1200 W! The rated power of the motor is 600 W. The powerful 48 V battery and powerful motor accelerate this board to a top speed of 25 km/h very quickly! You can notice this significant power above all in the highlands and when starting to move. The engine is also placed on the rear wheel, so that all the power can be used properly.

The E-6045FRS is also able to climb steeper hills with an incline of up to 25%. The battery has an efficient 48 V and 9.2 Ah (440 Wh), thanks to which it can travel up to 45 km*. Under normal conditions, the range is 20–45 km. Thanks to the higher voltage, the battery efficiency is better than most electric scooters on the market. Charging the battery from empty to full takes approx. 5–6 hours. The battery reaches its full capacity after a few charges. The large AI-LED screen tells you everything you need and it's easy to monitor the speed and battery charge. The screen is oriented diagonally, which makes it easier to see with a quick glance. With the help of the selector placed in connection with the speed controller, it is easy to adjust the different driving modes and the operation of the front light. You can clearly see the charge status of the battery and the charging process on the screen.

Now you can forget the tire problems that plague some electric scooters, because the E-Way E6045FRS uses big 10" Honeycomb tires that don't have easily broken inner rubber. In addition, it has separate suspension on the front and rear axles to soften the unevenness of the roads.

The E-6045FRS electric scooter has two separate braking systems. There is a drum brake at the front, which has its own brake handle. The engine has an active engine brake, which at the same time collects the energy generated by braking and stores it back in the batteries. Thanks to the strong braking system, the electric scooter stops very efficiently. When taking a board out of the package, it's a good idea to adjust the brakes to suit your needs.

E-Way E-6045FRS is made of very durable cast aluminum, which is also famously used in the aviation industry due to its light, but very strong construction. The E-6045FRS weighs just over 18 kilos, which makes it easy to take with you, even on the train or in the car, and thanks to the collapsible frame and handlebar, it also takes up relatively little space. A separate locking ring has also been added to the frame of the board, through which it is easier and safer to pass a U-lock or cable lock. Despite its relatively compact size, it can carry users of different sizes with their maximum weight being 125 kg. All E-Way kickboards have a charging plug placed in connection with the screen, so dirt or plaster from the ground level does not get there.

Like all means of transportation, this device also needs maintenance. This includes e.g. checking and possible tightening of the folding mechanism, brakes, screws. Before the first use, all bolts, nuts and screws must be checked and, if necessary, tightened. Read more in the user manual.

*Speed: up to 25 km/h
*Operating distance: 20–45 km*
*Efficient front and rear suspension
*Versatile AI-LED display with extensive information
*Motor on rear wheel: 600 W, 1200 W (peak power)
*Battery: 48V, 9.6Ah (460Wh) Li-ion
*Protection: IP54
*Max. climb angle: 25%
*Tires: big 10" Honeycomb tires - no easily punctured inner tube
*Locking ring for a safer passage of a U or cable lock
*Carrying hook, e.g. for carrying a backpack (max. 5kg)
*Brake: rear E-ABS with energy recovery, front drum brake
*Good reflectors increase visibility in the dark
*Max. user weight: 125 kg
*Charging time: 5–6 h
*Other features: E-ABS, front LED light, rear LED light and support leg
*Dimensions: 126 x 63 x 124 cm (in driving condition), 126 x 22 x 53 cm (folded)
*Weight: 18.5 kg
*Product packaging 130 X 26 X 58 cm
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