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Apple iPhone 13 Mini Leather Case - MagSafe protective cover

Apple iPhone 13 Mini Leather Case - MagSafe protective cover

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Apple iPhone 13 Mini Leather Case - MagSafe protective cover

Designed for the iPhone 13 Mini, the leather case with MagSafe is a stylish way to protect your iPhone. The outer surface of the shell is made of specially tanned and finished European leather. The protective cover feels soft in your hand and it patinas naturally over time. The protective case snaps into place easily and does not increase the dimensions of your iPhone much.

The magnets inside the case align perfectly with the iPhone, so attaching and detaching it is always as effortless. Perfectly positioned magnets make wireless charging faster and easier than before. When it's time to charge, you can leave your iPhone in its case and attach a MagSafe charger to it or place it on a Qi charger. Like all cases designed by Apple, this case has been tested for thousands of hours during the design and manufacturing process. In addition to looking great, it protects your iPhone from scratches and bumps.

The Leather Case - MagSafe protective case is made of high-quality and flexible leather. Leather is a natural material, so just like a high-quality leather belt, the protective cover can get marks, scratches or patina over time. Using MagSafe accessories leaves little marks on the case.
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