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Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 43mm BT SI

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 43mm BT SI

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic is a stylish and versatile smartwatch that combines elegant design with advanced technology. Featuring a durable stainless steel construction, rotating bezel, and a vibrant display, it's perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. The watch offers comprehensive health and fitness tracking, including sleep monitoring, body composition analysis, and ECG measurement. With its intuitive interface, long-lasting battery, and seamless connectivity, the Galaxy Watch6 Classic is a powerful companion for a connected and healthier lifestyle.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic is a smartwatch crafted from stainless steel, featuring a rotating bezel and an elegantly slim design, making it perfect for any occasion: work, everyday life, and celebrations. The One-click function makes changing straps quick and easy with a single press. A new, faster processor and a more durable battery ensure smooth operation with fewer interruptions.

Classic look or moving graphics - you decide the look of your watch face. A wide variety of watch faces are available. You can, of course, also style the Galaxy Watch6 Classic with third-party options. Choose the watch strap to suit your taste.

Thanks to its new One UI 5 user interface, the Galaxy Watch6 Classic is really fast and intuitive to use, making navigation by turning the watch face bezel even easier. Thanks to its smaller bezel, the watch face is now larger, but just as easy to use as before.

Change the strap with one click. The new OneClick function ensures that changing the strap to match your outfit or occasion is now incredibly easy.

Enjoy a bright, sharp, high-resolution display that plays videos clearly despite its compact size.

Whether your goals are to improve your fitness results or manage your weight, the Galaxy Watch6 Classic offers practical tools for improving your well-being. Google's new Wear OS Powered by Samsung operating system provides support and access to a wide range of sports and wellness applications from both Samsung and other providers. You can find your favorite app on Google Play.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic tracks your sleep. The watch helps you improve the quality of your sleep by measuring and assessing which part of your sleep is light, deep and REM sleep. Based on the sleep data, you will receive tips and instructions on how to improve the quality of your sleep.

The new sleep coaching program has reliable tracking features to help you improve your sleep habits. When you use 7 days of observation of your personal sleep rhythm, you will get a symbolic animal that describes your sleep habits - and you will receive guidance in a month-long coaching program that will help you develop your sleep habits and recovery.

Personal heart rate zones guide the intensity of your run so you always get the best results. Whether it's warming up or maximum performance - help is always at hand.

In addition to analyzing your pace and running courses, you can choose any workout program that best suits your needs. There are plenty of options, from extremely hard bodyweight training to a relaxing yoga session. You can also challenge your friends in any exercise.

Whether you're on the move by walking, running, cycling or boating, you can navigate using GPS, maps and a built-in compass, such as Google Maps.

The Galaxy Watch6 Classic watch offers a wide range of different applications for monitoring your well-being. With the built-in Samsung Health application, you can measure your pulse, steps and blood oxygen levels. If you want to know how your body reacts to exercise, or measure your body composition, you can track the distribution of fat, muscle and bone, as well as measure your body mass index. Because Samsung Health collects data from even third-party apps, you'll find everything you need in one place.

The Galaxy Watch6 Classic measures your stress levels and monitors your sleep, rest and activity times - if your stress levels rise, the watch suggests guided breathing exercises to help you slow down. You'll also get a weekly summary showing your daily heart rate ranges and average resting heart rate. The Galaxy Watch6 Classic helps you improve the quality of your sleep by measuring and assessing which part of your sleep is light, deep and REM sleep.

Thanks to the watch's IHRN (IHRN, Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification) sensor, you can measure your ECG and detect irregularities in your heart rate.

Google's new Wear OS Powered by Samsung user interface provides both support and access to a variety of different applications and functions. As always, you can use the features seamlessly with your other devices - everything runs smoothly.

Listen to your playlists, podcasts and programs from Spotify, YouTube Music or other streaming services. Sync between your watch and phone or other devices. With 16 GB of storage space, there is plenty of space.

You can use the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic seamlessly with your Samsung Galaxy phone, headphones or other Samsung Galaxy devices. In addition to Samsung devices, the Galaxy Watch6 Classic is compatible with a variety of third-party Android devices.

Thanks to the SmartThings application, you can control devices connected to the watch - for example, you can adjust the room lights to be suitable or start the coffee maker. With the SmartThings Find app and SmarTag, you can find your belongings if they happen to go missing.

With the Samsung Wallet app, you can connect your debit and credit cards to your watch and take care of card payments without having to dig out your phone or wallet.

You can use the watch as much as you want throughout the day and then fully charge it in less than two hours, depending on which functions are in use. The smart battery saves power whenever possible. You can charge the battery from empty to full in 75 minutes with the 43 mm Galaxy Watch6 Classic watch, and in 110 minutes with the 47 mm Galaxy Watch6 Classic watch.

The Galaxy Watch6 is water and dust resistant according to the IP68 classification, meeting US military standards for heat, vibration and shock resistance.

Did you leave your phone at home? No problem. With the eSIM card, you can stay connected to the mobile network and even make calls, send messages and use Google Pay or Google Maps applications.

In addition to the Galaxy Watch6 Classic, the sales package includes a stylish Ridge Sport Band made of rubber material, a charging cable and quick instructions.

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