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Wilfa HS1-SB Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Wilfa HS1-SB Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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The Wilfa Innovac Sensor HS1-SB is a smart and user-friendly cordless stick vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor and long battery life. It features intelligent dust detection technology, automatic power adjustment, and a variety of nozzles for all floor surfaces. The lightweight and ergonomic design makes cleaning a breeze, while the HEPA filtration system ensures clean air.

The Wilfa Innovac Sensor HS1-SB is a smart cordless stick vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning various floor surfaces effortless and efficient. Its powerful brushless motor delivers high power, up to 420W, allowing you to remove even the smallest dust particles from your floors. The suction power is top-notch at 140AW. With four different operating modes (Auto, High, Mid, Low), you can clean your floors effortlessly and quickly.

The Innovac Sensor is extremely lightweight – only 2.5 kg fully equipped – and the ergonomically designed handle makes using the vacuum cleaner a pleasure. The bright LED lighting on the floor nozzle makes it easy to see dirt on floors and under furniture.

The informative LED display shows you the different operating modes and battery status at a glance with a five-step charge indicator. In addition, the device guides the user with images that appear on the display, for example, to remind them to clean the filter by washing it.

The Innovac Sensor is a user-friendly vacuum cleaner and has a separate power button and power selector, making it easy to select the desired operating mode and eliminating the need to constantly press the device's selectors while using the vacuum cleaner.

A lot of time has been spent on the sound design of the Innovac Sensor cordless stick vacuum cleaner, and the result is a pleasantly quiet stick vacuum cleaner. In addition to the sound level, the sound design of the vacuum cleaner has achieved a vacuum cleaner with a pleasant sound level and operating sound. The sound is directed away from the user, making the vacuum cleaner more pleasant to use.

The Innovac Sensor is equipped with a highly intelligent optical dust detection technology that automatically adjusts the vacuum cleaner's suction power as needed. When the Auto function is selected and there is a large amount of dust or debris on the floor, the device automatically detects the dust and increases the suction power as needed, and conversely, reduces the suction power with a smaller amount of dust, allowing you to vacuum large areas on a single charge. The powerful 25.2V and 2500mAh battery maintains suction power for up to 60 minutes* on a single charge!

Thanks to the Wilfa Innovac Sensor's 4-layer HEPA filtration system, you breathe cleaner air. The vacuum cleaner's main vortex and metal mesh collect coarse dust, the microfilter traps fine dust, and the ultra-fine HEPA dust filter cleans ultra-fine dust particles. The Innovac Sensor's microfilter is also washable, which extends its service life.

The Wilfa Innovac Sensor's large 0.7-liter dust container is washable, so it can be kept hygienically clean. Emptying the dust container is also effortless, and you can open only the dust container hatch or, if you wish, remove the entire container separately, making it possible to transport it, for example, outside the apartment for emptying.

For hard floor surfaces, there is a separate soft roller nozzle, and in addition, a replaceable multi-purpose brush is included, which works excellently on hard surfaces as well as carpets. Changing the brushes on the nozzle is easy and effortless. The brushes and nozzles are designed to effectively clean all floor surfaces in your home from dust, pet hair, and other debris.

In addition to the floor brushes, a mini turbo nozzle with its own motor is included, which allows you to clean furniture effectively and gently, for example, from pet hair. Crevice and combination nozzle.

The stylish package also includes a separate charger and a wall mount that allows you to mount the vacuum cleaner on the wall. The wall mount has storage spaces for crevice and combination nozzles.

Like all Wilfa products, the Innovac Sensor cordless vacuum cleaner also has a long 5-year warranty. The battery warranty is 1 year. According to the instructions, the Innovac Sensor cordless vacuum cleaner's battery still has up to 80% of its original performance after 5 years or 390 hours of use.

  • Smart dust detection technology and automatic power adjustment

  • 4-step power adjustment

  • No need to constantly press the power button

  • Informative LED display

  • Excellent cleaning performance with 140W suction power

  • Up to 60 minutes of cleaning on a single charge

  • Washable dust container

  • Brushless motor

  • 4-layer HEPA filtration system

  • Nozzles for all floor surfaces

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